The fashion industry is going through a major change due to the global economic situation. There are many designers who have reshaped their creativity and imagination to fit the financial requirements. Fashion Designers like Roberto Cavalli is one such designer. Not only has he transformed the fashion industry in the last two decades but he has managed to become an iconic global fashion brand. But apart from his creativity, it his business prowess and financial  strategies that have ensured the durability and sustainability during bull or bear markets.

Roberto Cavalli was born in the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. The legendary history of Florence dates back to the Roman empire and was also part of the Renaissance movement. Roberto Cavalli was always infatuated with art at a very early age. His family was involved in textile printing which is an influence that can be observed in his signature fashion lines. Roberto Cavalli was already printing fabric when he was in school and it is at this stage where is creative imagination had no limits. A mantra which now defines the House of Cavalli. The fashion world knows Roberto Cavalli’s extravagant and glamorous prints. His penchant for flamboyance was recently felt in the new line of animal prints. Roberto Cavalli has also released lingerie that has caused quite a stir as it had pictures of Hindu Gods that was later withdrawn.

Global Expansion – The Vision of Roberto Cavalli

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At the age of 30, Roberto Cavalli has already completed his very first Cavalli Collection in Italy. It was then given European status by being officially invited for the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris. But it was wild prints on denim which gave Roberto Cavalli his first big success. No one had seen such original creativity on denim before. The details in the design, the us of leathers, brocade and wild prints become a massive success. This allowed him to open his first Roberto Cavalli boutique in Saint-Tropez in the year 1972.  The seed for the fashion empire had been sowed.

Cavalli was very clear on the creative and the financial side of business. Roberto attracted angel investors for his global ambitious plans. Roberto Cavalli’s fashion boutiques are spread all over the world with a special focus in America. He ensured that

•    Each store would have the signature Roberto Cavalli look
•    The distribution of material and instruments were always done locally, thus cutting down on costs
•    Market the brand through high-end clientele such as Hollywood stars and Rock stars. He used to give away his latest designer outfits to actresses who chose to wear them in gala premieres and award shows. A practice being followed by others even till this day
•    Present new designs every year, but the central theme was always based on the wild prints

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Roberto Cavalli also married his long time business partner Eva Duringer who took over the operations and financial side of the business. Roberto Cavalli’s fashion lines to be made available on high street fashion stores like H&M, Zara, Harrods and Sakhs 5th Avenue. While other designers were looking to be exclusive, Roberto Cavalli realized the marketing potential of having more retail space that had high footfalls. He kept the fashion line  in these stores frequently updated and that would allow people to eventually gain more curiosity and give him the perfect marketing tool. Plus these stores would pay him not only for the clothes they sold but an astronomical fee.

In 1994, Roberto Cavalli created the sand blasted jeans which was the first time the jeans had the very funky cool shade.  He expanded the business from clothes to accessories, lingerie, perfume, eyewear and even watches. And now there is even Roberto Cavalli Vodka, his range of sunglasses and of course his exclusive cafe
stores. From a fashion line to a global luxury brand valued at over $3 billion, Roberto Cavalli is one of fashionsh legendary icon.

The Roberto Cavalli 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

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Roberto Cavalli is a luxurious, opulent and a decadent fashion label; the 2010 collection is an extension of that spirit and signature style. But Roberto has managed to use his style for a younger fashion market. The show opened in Milan and is set to go across the world. Even the campaign for the new line is being called fun, glamorous and easy to wear.  He is also back using animal prints which is one of his signature styles.