“Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend”  Marilyn Monroe was right when she famously sang the iconic tune. There is nothing like a little bling! that can add wonders to your luxury lifestyle dreams. Jewelry and fine clothing in its entire splendor has been fascinating and inspiring people since the 13th century. From the most expensive uncut and flawless blue diamond found in Africa to the latest trends in Milan and New York, we all would love to have the best of everything.

The real catch however is to get them at the best possible price which you can afford and at the same time relish the feeling of owning a piece of lifestyle. We have to juggle classy looks and fashion trends with affordable pricing. So for all those people who are passionate or even addicted to clothing and jewelry, then we have the perfect guide to what’s hot and what’s not on the management of lifestyles!

The Fashion Designer Imprints on Lifestyle

Clothes and jewelry are easily one of the most important elements that define a person’s lifestyle. As they rightly say, the clothes make the man! Fashion designers from the early 18th century have been able to conjure the imagination and public conscious. Some of the world’s most popular and successful designers have become icons for not just their clothing lines but for the luxurious lifestyle that they represent. Chic and modern, yet wild and sexy; the designs have become a symbol of the designers attitude to life. The clothing empire and the luxurious lifestyle items like watches, fragrance and jewelry have captured the imagination of the brand conscious consumer.

Explore the Fantasy World Lifestyles and Fashion Lines
Jewelry Trends

Lifestyle Management has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Taking care of just about every need one can imagine; from having front row seats at the Haute Couture Week in Paris or Milan, shopping at the Rodeo-Drive in Beverly Hills or Magnificent Mile in Chicago – everything is possible. Over the years somehow fashion and lifestyle has become synonymous with each other. The right fashion statement gives you the sophisticated elegance and style. Luxurious lifestyle is not about how much money you spend, but it is how you spend it, how you are able to embrace an artistic vision in your life. Lifestyle is not about showing off to others, it is not about being loud; in fact lifestyle reflects your higher aspirations, your values and indeed your fantasies. You don’t need to show anyone that your jacked is a Cavalli, you just put it on and they will know!

Interestingly enough sometimes the products which sell the fastest from a fashion and lifestyle store is mostly the most expensive item in the store. As legendary fashion icon Giorgio Armani once said “The difference between fashion and lifestyle is quality”. Yes indeed! Ladies and gentleman it is the quality of the product which sets everything apart.

In 2010, the fashion and lifestyle world has survived and recovered from the recession of the previous year by focusing on the quality of the product and its affordability. Some experts also say that it is in time of recession and down turn when certain luxurious lifestyle items can be afforded.

Did you know: The Dussault Apparel’s trashed jeans costs $250,000 dollars for a single pair, making it the most expensive jeans in the world.

Romancing a Stone – The World of Jewelry

It’s not just the women, men love bling too! Check out any rap video and you know what one is talking about! They say jewelry is the ultimate aphrodisiac. From royalty, movie stars and the common people – pieces of jewelry is not just about lifestyle management but a celebration. Fashion accessories like bags and even sunglasses come encrusted with diamonds, jewels and crystals. Jewelry is expensive but buying the right kind of jewelry is always an asset.

Wedding rings, necklaces and ear rings have transformed over the last two or three decades. Jewelry designers have become more urban chic, intriguing avante garde in design and yet therefore represent a certain lifestyle luxury.
But of course you can also find more elegant and traditional artistic vision any many of the giant jewelry design houses in American or Europe.

Did you Know: The jewelry giant Chopard was started in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and created the world’s most expensive diamond ring – The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is valued at $16.2 million dollars!