There is not a single person in this world who has not dabbled in porn
videos. Some more than others, but the truth is that porn videos does
have an impact on our mind and our emotion. There is a sense of
liberation with some amount of distaste. A sort of taboo, forbidden
love or a chemical rush where lust takes over the brain. From ancient
Roman Empire i.e. from Caligula to Hugh Heffner, from the Kama Sutra
to Larry Flint – sexual imagery or sex videos will always have a
response. The possibilities of seduction, a sense of a parallel world
where fantasy is real and sexuality can be expressed with no

In almost all European countries pornography is legal. It is
considered as an art form, an expression, freedom of thought and
speech – but for some it is the simple chemical reaction in the brain
that unravels our deepest and darkest desire. It is not reality, it
is not pure, it is not wholesome, it is not an education into sex but
in fact it is a culmination of a subversive mind into discovering ones

The Chemical Between Us

The physical art of love or sex as we know it as, is a very important
aspect of everyone’s life. Pornographic images of a man and woman
without any inhibitions or innuendos go at it in the most unemotional
way – it surely gives thrill to some people watching. Many people
consider watching sex videos a way to learn new sex sexual positions and to
try them out with the partner. It is true that many people watch porn
videos to stimulate sexual emotion at an exciting new pace and free of
any emotional baggage.

In any marriage after being together for many years, it is not easy to
find this sexual stimulation which was there in the beginning. For any
human being change is inevitable. It is the DNA of every person to
want change, sometimes just to break the routine. Therefore, many
researchers believe that porn videos gives couples to invent their
sexual bond and their desires. It is after all a chemical reaction to
the brain when one masturbates watching a sex video. You imagine
yourself being there and that thought in the brain gives rise to
endorphins which heightens the sexual desire.

Trust and Comfort Level

The best way is for a couple to talk about it. To be comfortable with
each other’s desire and to share everything. That is what makes a real
bond. If either the man or the woman enjoys watching porn then there
is no harm if it is shared. If it is understood, in fact it can lead
to some really amazing moments. One can only imagine the excitement
and sexual desire when there is trust and emotional stability. Let’s
face it sexuality is personal and attached to emotion. Otherwise there
is no difference between porn videos and reality.