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Category: Samples

The Middle East Pandora’s Box

13 February, 2011 (17:14) | Politics, Samples | By: Admin

The Middle East Pandora’s Box As the VP of Egypt announced the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, ending 29 years of his Presidency, one would have loved to be the fly on the wall of some of Middle East’s palaces. When Ben Ali left Tunisia after just 5 days of protests, no one took it seriously. […]

The Obama Centre – The Obama Generation

30 January, 2011 (06:03) | Featured, Politics, Samples | By: Admin

The New Obama – Back to the Future Well after the mid-term hammering, the state of War in two countries and of course the very slow economical recovery, Obama is turning a new leaf. I bet he is not going to appear on John Stewart anytime soon! I bet not a lot will get done […]

The Magnificent Machines

30 January, 2011 (05:49) | Automobiles, Samples | By: Admin

One can never imagine a world without cars. The automobile has become the very fabric of our lives. In 1881 when the iconic Gustav Trouve demonstrated a three wheeled automobile in Paris, the world changed forever.  The automobile is not just one of the greatest innovations of mankind, it not just about transporting people from […]

The Losing Religion

30 January, 2011 (05:37) | Religion, Samples | By: Pooja.Brahmi

Burning Crosses – Burning The Koran (see the flames never ending) Religion is a metaphor by which we measure our pain. An albatross of misplaced faith, self-righteous cruelty, guilt by conscious, impossible to defend (for and against), a weapon of mass destruction, controlled by a few, suppressing thought, brainwashed beliefs, ideology against wisdom, dividing and […]

E Business – The Gold Rush of the Modern Age

26 January, 2011 (15:01) | E- Business, Samples | By: Admin

E Business – The Gold Rush of the Modern Age The word E-Business which was started from a board room meeting at a blue chip, has in fact become the buzz word on how we do things online. In simple terms E-Business is any transaction of information or communication in support of a business done […]

Jewelry And Fine Clothing

18 January, 2011 (17:34) | Samples, Women's Corner | By: Admin

“Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend”  Marilyn Monroe was right when she famously sang the iconic tune. There is nothing like a little bling! that can add wonders to your luxury lifestyle dreams. Jewelry and fine clothing in its entire splendor has been fascinating and inspiring people since the 13th century. From the most expensive […]

Porno graffitii – The Art of Seduction, Manipulation and Lust

16 January, 2011 (06:41) | Samples, Sexuality | By: Admin

There is not a single person in this world who has not dabbled in porn videos. Some more than others, but the truth is that porn videos does have an impact on our mind and our emotion. There is a sense of liberation with some amount of distaste. A sort of taboo, forbidden love or […]

My Responsibility Your Responsibility – Let’s Save Our Environment

1 January, 2011 (13:00) | Samples, Self Help Guide | By: Admin

Ways of Preventing Further Damage to the Environment The environment has become one of the most important issues of this century. It has dominated the headlines for the last decade across the globe. But has the world done enough to protect the environment – the answer sadly is an inexcusable no. As the countries continue […]

How to Set-Up a Wholesale Clothing Business

26 September, 2010 (03:53) | Samples, Wholesale | By: Admin

The global economy is slowly moving into the path of recovery. Planning to set-up a wholesale clothing business requires a proper strategy, business plan and of course an investment of time and money. In layman terms a wholesale company does not sell its merchandise to consumers or the end users but to retailer and sellers. […]

From Tuscany to the World – How Roberto Cavalli Continues To Rule Fashion

24 August, 2010 (12:10) | Haute Couture, Samples | By: Admin

The fashion industry is going through a major change due to the global economic situation. There are many designers who have reshaped their creativity and imagination to fit the financial requirements. Fashion Designers like Roberto Cavalli is one such designer. Not only has he transformed the fashion industry in the last two decades but he […]