Burning Crosses – Burning The Koran (see the flames never ending)

Religion is a metaphor by which we measure our pain. An albatross of misplaced faith, self-righteous cruelty, guilt by conscious, impossible to defend (for and against), a weapon of mass destruction, controlled by a few, suppressing thought, brainwashed beliefs, ideology against wisdom, dividing and always ruling, never finding the truth, but in the end always asking for more

A fundamental question that has always been asked is what would happen without religion? It is the fabric of our very lives, the social network that brings us together, the only way for us to wash away our sins. Isn’t it funny how we let our life be taken over by something we don’t really understand. That is the beauty of “confession”. All you need to do is ask for forgiveness. As God is always watching over you, forgiving you for what you have done. And what have we done in the name of religion; what do we have to show for, to be so proud of belonging to one religion. After a thousand years of anger, war, hatred and killing – people still believe they are heading for paradise as long as they follow the doctrine. One thing is for certain religion helps us to hide our indulgence and passion for destroying everything.

Sowing the Seed of Hate

In Rwanda, in Sarajevo, in Auschwitz, in Grozny, and in Lower Manhattan on September eleventh, the world awakes to a fanatical beliefs and justifications. The irrational and violent conclusion in brain filled with only with hatred. It is again that ridiculous search for paradise that makes living so complicated and difficult. Let’s face it God is Not Great and religion poisons everything. How can he standby and watch how we treat each other. Is this what the three monotheism’s – Christianity, Islam and Judaism has taught us. That is the real axis of evil. You can never ever run away from it, everywhere where you go, the word has spread like toxin in the air. You cannot escape from it, you cannot confront it and you can only voice it. And help in planting the demon seed when you have your own children.

Religion Rules
That is where it all starts, when humans are defenseless, it is the perfect crime. When a child is taught religion, he follows it as he asked, that is how the control starts. It is not the conscious that tells you what to do, but it is guilt that lingers on from childhood to the rest of your life. How is it possible that so very few courageous and “gifted” people know so much about the rest of us. How is it that an imam or the pope sets the agenda for us? There is no freedom in any country – it is tyranny of the most powerful resolve! Because it captures “thought”

We look at suicide bombings and the abuse of children only as news. We look away when women are tortured and beaten, when free speech is choked, when a man kills his family and others because he thinks God is waiting on the other side. Where was the Vatican church, when Catholic priests sodomized young defenseless children? The church was only trying to figure out how to pay the families off.

More Human Than Human

There is no scientific evidence that God or any religion ever existed. This is undisputed. But it is again the fragility of the human mind that stops us from being free. True Freedom will never happen because human beings are shallow, we need to follow something, something others are following. Human beings do not like to stand alone against the world, they would much rather do what everyone else does. Just following a leader.

If God existed he would never forgive us. Forgive us for what we have done to one another. I believe it is the evil that men do which corrupts the true meaning of God. The people belonging to the New Atheism movement have a long way to change the world. Perhaps it will never happen. What we need is a new beginning, a beginning where all that we believe is in humanity and respect. Where secularism is more important than Mecca or the Vatican. Where we take true responsibility of our actions, our deeds and allow the child his own thought process. What we need is religion to end and love to begin. This is not the Utopian world which John Lennon dreamed of – but perhaps the one we don’t still deserve.