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How to become a Music Mogul
Welcome to the ultimate course to start your own recording label. Easily one of the most exciting and lucrative business to be in. The course sets you up with the best road map to become a music mogul!

The Blueprint – The Insider Advantage of the Music Business

The creator of the XYZ course has the experience in both the creative and the financial aspects to make it really big in the music business. So even if you are a struggling artist, this course can make you the next Jay-Z or Puff Daddy!

Learn the best Business Strategies for Music Distribution
The course teaches how you can creatively distribute the music through various business strategies to maximize profits at lowest costs.

Effectively Managing Resources
The XYZ course gives you specific steps on how to successfully manage the utilization of scarce resources for maximum benefit

Learn How to Turn a Record Label into a Success
If you have an existing record label but it does not yield profits, then the XYZ course can help you develop and implement successful strategies.

How to Take Advantage of the New Age Media
The course can teach how to create money spinning music licensing business to maximize the potential of the Internet and new media such as music on mobile networks.

Managing Artists with a Business Advantage
The course can easily help you to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract with not only new but well established artists as well. The XYZ course ensures you know everything about the legal aspects of the business.

Promoting Talent with Little Investment
Learn how to effectively promote your artist with minimum or zero investment of your own money. The course helps you to develop relationships in the music business to promote your artists.

The Rolling Stones – Rock’s Greatest Legacy


“The Beatles want to hold your hand, but the Rolling Stones want to burn down your town!” – Tom Wolfe

The Rolling Stones – It’ Only Rock n’ Roll

The Rolling Stones have often been called the greatest show on earth, the original bad boys of rock, the sinners whose carnal celebrations of raw sex, excess drugs and good time rock n’ roll created the blue print of rock music. The members have survived everything from the Luftwaffe blitzkrieg, drug busts and arrests, legal battles, steadfast descent into madness and even the death of band members to emerge the greatest rock n’ roll band ever. But it is the relationship between the two leaders which is central to the Stones mythology; the androgynous Mick Jagger, a man of wealth and taste and the Human Riff or the worlds most elegantly wasted evil genius Keith Richards.

They are the primary songwriters, the brothers who always argue but always get along and then some; the satanic majesties who have shaped rock music forever. Then there is Charlie Watts on drums who is the quintessential English gentleman being the quiet storm that fills football stadiums and rock arenas around the world. The Stones have been around for over 40 years and the 200 million in album sales, $1.5 billion in concert revenues since 1989 does not really matter; in the end it is the message in their music – the spirit of being different, the themes of sexual adventure and not ever having to grow up in a cynical world which makes them an institution, an escape and larger than life itself.

Keith pictures

Street Fighting Men of London

The genesis of the band comes before Brian Jones got the lads together and called them the Rollin’ Stones. In the 50s Mick and Keith or as we known as the Glimmer Twins for school mates at Dartford in Kent. The meteors collided once again in 1960 at Richmond Station when Keith noticed Mick with blues records – the rest as they say his history. Charlie Watts, Ian Stewart and Bill Wyman completed the official line up of the Rolling Stones. The band went on tours in England and were considered the slightly more scruffy version of the Beatles.

But it was the Andrew Oldham their manager who encouraged the caviler and gregarious attitude with long hair and rebel rousing fervor. The Beatles had Beatlesmania but the Stones had riots and groupies. Their first US tour in 1964 was a disaster as they did not have a hit record and the conservative white America never understood their fashion and on stage antics. But it was in Chicago, at Chess studios playing with their hero Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry that they started to shape their sound. Oldham famously locked up Mick and Keith in room and would not let them out till they wrote a song.

Like A Rolling Stones

“The Last Time” became their first No.1 composition in 1965 and in May of that year they released what is considered the greatest rock song ever “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”. Keith waking up in the middle of the night and laying the iconic riff into a tape player. The band were superstars and in the next few years the tours and singles would sometimes rival the Beatles.

I can't get no satisfaction

Brian Jones – Standing in the Shadows

In 1968 they released the massive hit single “Jumping Jack Flash” and the album “Beggars Banquet”. The album featured another Stone iconic songs “Sympathy for the Devil”. By now Brian Jones had become completely unpredictable and a shadow of the talent he used to be. His own authority had slipped into the hands of Mick and to add insult to injury he lost his woman Anita Pallenberg to Keith.

The influence of drugs and alcohol compounding to his problems. Jones was staring into the oblivion and like Syd Barret of Pink Floyd stopped functioning all together. The Stones and Brian Jones parted ways but in June of 1968 and in within a few weeks Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool. The end was as tragic as the last few years had been – the Stoned performed the famous free concert at London’s Hyde Park in his honor which also saw the debut of Mick Taylor the guitar virtuoso and replacement.

The Golden Years – The Stones in the 70s

Since the Beatles parted ways the Stones claimed the biggest band in the World title and kicked off the decade with the album “Let It Bleed”. The album did feature songs from Brian Jones and sold 2 million copies. The next few years would see the Stones make two monumental additions to their music. They added Jimmy Miller to produce their albums and were the first band to change how concerts were played. A string super hit and iconic albums made the band an iconic force to be reckon with. Ahmet Etrugen signed them on to Atlantic Records and the band had most lucrative recording deal ever.

In 1971 “Sticky Fingers” with its iconic sleeve designed by avante-garde artist Andy Warhol became a massive hit selling 3 million copies in the US. It featured the PG rated “Brown Sugar” and a gem of ensemble playing called “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. It started a string of 8 No.1 albums.

The Tour of the America in 1972 was rock biggest tour at that time and was kicked off by a the stones performing on flat-top truck through 5th avenue in NYC. The 1972 album “Exile on Main St.” recorded at the south of France in Villa Nellcote which was being rented by Keith. The Stones had left England to avoid taxes and were exiles in France. The debauchery and decadent living influenced songs like “Rip this Joint” and “Tumbling Dice”. The creative period continued with the release of “Goats Head Soup” in 1973 which featured “Starfuc***” .

The Ancient Form of Weaving

Mick Taylor continued to get frustrated with Keith and Mick not acknowledging his presence or his songs. Taylor was also hurt that the 1974 song “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll” was recorded with Ronnie Wood, though it was later overdubbed with the rest of the band for the album released. Taylors abrupt departure had the stoned scurrying for a new guitar player. The interested parties included Eric Clapton and even Jeff Beck. But it was in Ronnie Wood that Keith found his friend and collaborator. Ronnie relaxed and happy attitude with solid guitar playing was the perfect foil for Keith. Their guitar interplay has become the perfect studio and live sound of the band.

The bands touring continued in the 70s and only got bigger. The 1978 album “Some Girls” had punk influences and also featured the disco styled “Miss You”. The album sold 10 million copies world wide and was their biggest selling album.

World War 3 – Mick and Keith

In 1981 “Tattoo You” was another hit album and it was followed by the mammoth global world tour in 1982 with a stage designed by Japanese designer Kasuhide Yamazaki and was a start of massive stage designs and future concert touring. The Stones had almost 300 people traveling with them on tour and the massive enterprise was under the watchful eyes of Bill Graham. But things became head on as Keith disapproved of Mick wanting to pursue a solo career as part of the new CBS deal. The 1983 album “Dirty Work” was slammed critically and Mick refused to tour behind it.

Mick and Keith released solo albums, Keith’s fared better and it was due to the flop of Mick’s solo album and Ronnie Woods diplomacy that created a thaw in a fractured relationship after 3 years.

The Juggernaut Touring Band

In 1987 the band back together signed up with Michael Cohl productions and rolled out on the biggest ever tour called the Steel Wheels tour in the UK. The tour changed the concert industry forever, it featured VIP tents and sponsorships. The massive stage designed by Michael Fisher took a crew of over 300 people on the road. The band played Japan for the first time and also went to Europe. The album “Steel Wheels” is forgotten due to the massive tours.

Bill Wyman decided to leave after 30 years in the band but ensured Ronnie Wood became full time member and was not just a salaried employee since 1975. The band in 1991 signed with Richard Branson’s Virgin Records before he sold it to the EMI group. In 1994 the band roped in Darryl Jones as the new bass player, though not an official member. Charlie Watts was put on the hot seat to decide on the new player. They released “Voodoo Lounge” in 1994 and went on the highest grossing tour till then called the Voodoo Lounge Tour playing South America for the first time. The stage featured a giant snake like structure which spewed fire. 1999 Bridges to Babylon tour and album was more of a show of the dinosaur rock access.

The band came to India for the very first time playing in Bangalore and Mumbai as part of the 2003 Forty Licks world tour which was hugely. After a gap of few years the band embarked upon their biggest tour yet called the Biggest Bang tour which featured a massive stage and B-Stage into the audience. The stage featured balconies allowing people to be on the stage along with the band. It still stands as the biggest grossing tour of all times. The show in Rio had an audience of nearly 1 million people on the Copacabana Beach.

The most successful working rock group of all times, they have rewritten every myth and genre of rock music for the last 40 years.

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