The New Obama – Back to the Future

Well after the mid-term hammering, the state of War in two countries and of course the very slow economical recovery, Obama is turning a new leaf. I bet he is not going to appear on John Stewart anytime soon! I bet not a lot will get done in the next two years. The deadlock in Washington is about the GOP running things and Obama focusing on 2012.

Bill Clinton won a second term(and what a second term that was), even though he lost the mid-term. Barack Obama does have e few things going for him, no one actually believes that Tea-Party popularity or Glen Beck and Sarah Palin hate mongering is enough to win national, GOP does not have a single front runner (forget Mitt Romney winning New Hampshire straw poll, his chance was in ’08). But what is sad is Obama being washed away by Washington into just another guy wanting to win again. Just another politician looking who is power hungry . And that he is no longer ashamed about it.

So What Happened To Pre-08 Obama.

Well, firstly he has dissent within his own liberal democrats. The economy is still reeling from the very high job losses and his love affair with the media has ended. If liberal voices like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have started to criticize you, if Karl Rove thinks you are the Republican candidate for 2012, the shit has hit the proverbial fan. All the hard work done the health care bill has been drowned out by the Big Government dynamism and decline of NATO control in Afghanistan.
He has clearly moved to the centre when he asked Rahm Emmanuel to go back to Chicago and then have Robert Gibbs to go as well. In walks Mr. William M. Daley and old timer Chicago politician who in fact was very open critic of the beloved Obama Health Care. This is clearly a populist move and one that has angered the Obama liberal base. The closest Obama aide David Ploufe moves into the White House as counsel for the President which still has left leanings.
But in the end, his promises, his passion, his speeches, his charisma, the poetry and fairy tale ha been taken over by his focus on 2012. It is no longer Yes We Can – it is more Should We Really.

So we say – we told you so or was it that it was inevitable, he still remains big enough to win 2012 and that is why he has stopped running the country.