The Middle East Pandora’s Box

The Middle East Pandora’s Box

As the VP of Egypt announced the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, ending 29 years of his Presidency, one would have loved to be the fly on the wall of some of Middle East’s palaces. When Ben Ali left Tunisia after just 5 days of protests, no one took it seriously. The Middle East monarchs just shrugged it off as a old dictator losing interest and just wanting a way out. The ousted Tunisian President did not spend weeks keeping his people and the international community guessing, he did not wait for the White House phone calls, he just got his earnings together and left. He had no interest in holding on to the power, no interest in fighting his generals, he knew times have changed.

The rest of Middle East did not care, Tunisia is not really one of the inner circles of the Middle East. It did not have oil or enough Islamic terrorists to worry about, it was a small country with little regional power. So when on Jan 25 the revolt started in Cairo, everyone was a little surprise. People started to take sides. The King of Arabia, made an angry anti-protest remark on how some people had infiltrated a group in order to cause panic.

The Jordanian king fired his Prime Minister, the Algerian President decided to withdraw the emergency laws, the Yemeni dictator said he will step down in 2013 and in Iran people started to chatter. But Hosni stayed despite global pressure and Obama’s calls. As the uprising entered its third week, the Egyptian regime started direct negotiations with the army of giving up on some power and hoping for fatigue to set into the protestors. The regime tried every tactic in the book, sending out the police in plain clothes wielding weapons on a horse back.

The violent day resulted in many deaths and despite the bloodshed, the clamping down on international journalists, torturing protestors, shooting on unarmed and innocent young ones, curbing the internet and mobile services – the people seem to take it all in and still stayed the course. He must have thought that he could count on the Islamophobia west paranoid about the Muslim Brotherhood taking centre stage.

One of the key parts of the end was the continuous communication of the Muslim Brotherhood saying they had no interest in power. The Pharoah’s old game of playing to the American psyche of Islamic terror seem to go nowhere. The images of the cross and the Koran together was like the final nail in Mubarak’s coffin.

On 10th Feb, the world started to realize that Hosni was leaving. The Arab media was continuously reporting that he was leaving Cairo. Obama appeared confidently in Michigan stating that “History was being made”, echoed by what  the CIA director earlier in the day had said to a Congressional hearing. People were ready for that historic message. By the evening, when Hosni started to speak on state TV, people already started to celebrate.

But as all dictators living in denial, Hosni shocked the world by saying he is not stepping down. He again underestimated the power of the people. That night on the streets of Cairo and in corridors of Washington, people were worried. What would happen ? Would Ayman Al Zawari step in with an attack playing into the hands of Hosni.

As Friday dawned – millions were out on Tahrir square, in Alexandria and other parts of Egypt. But as fate would have it, there was no violence. And by evening the Pharoah’s end was obvious. As a nervous and worried Vice President Solaiman announced that Mubarak had resigned, Egyptians world-wide celebrated what was once thought impossible.

The end of a dictator in the Middle East not by bombs or bullets, not by war or US pressure, but by true calling of the people. The proud Egyptians put aside their religious and sectarian differences against a common enemy. Allah had spoken.

The Morning After

Egypt enters what is perhaps the most challenging phase in the countries long and legendary existence. Democracy in the Middle East is not easy as it was in Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe had cold war as its friend, since that was why the Western powers found grounds for support.

But the same western powers are worried because they had been supporting the dictators all along. They were worried that democracy in the Middle East could lead to a rise of Islamic power, silencing moderates, ending the peace with Israel. The Iranian government perceived to be in the same situation 2 years ago is using this in its own spin. They are calling it the Islamic movement, as they are worried about ripple effects.

The Vice President Solaiman knows he will never win the elections no matter when it is held. Mohamed El Baredei knows that too. So while we wait for the next leader, the world may still do not know the answer to an important question. Do we really need democracy in the Middle East?

The Obama Centre – The Obama Generation


The New Obama – Back to the Future

Well after the mid-term hammering, the state of War in two countries and of course the very slow economical recovery, Obama is turning a new leaf. I bet he is not going to appear on John Stewart anytime soon! I bet not a lot will get done in the next two years. The deadlock in Washington is about the GOP running things and Obama focusing on 2012.

Bill Clinton won a second term(and what a second term that was), even though he lost the mid-term. Barack Obama does have e few things going for him, no one actually believes that Tea-Party popularity or Glen Beck and Sarah Palin hate mongering is enough to win national, GOP does not have a single front runner (forget Mitt Romney winning New Hampshire straw poll, his chance was in ’08). But what is sad is Obama being washed away by Washington into just another guy wanting to win again. Just another politician looking who is power hungry . And that he is no longer ashamed about it.

So What Happened To Pre-08 Obama.

Well, firstly he has dissent within his own liberal democrats. The economy is still reeling from the very high job losses and his love affair with the media has ended. If liberal voices like Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann have started to criticize you, if Karl Rove thinks you are the Republican candidate for 2012, the shit has hit the proverbial fan. All the hard work done the health care bill has been drowned out by the Big Government dynamism and decline of NATO control in Afghanistan.
He has clearly moved to the centre when he asked Rahm Emmanuel to go back to Chicago and then have Robert Gibbs to go as well. In walks Mr. William M. Daley and old timer Chicago politician who in fact was very open critic of the beloved Obama Health Care. This is clearly a populist move and one that has angered the Obama liberal base. The closest Obama aide David Ploufe moves into the White House as counsel for the President which still has left leanings.
But in the end, his promises, his passion, his speeches, his charisma, the poetry and fairy tale ha been taken over by his focus on 2012. It is no longer Yes We Can – it is more Should We Really.

So we say – we told you so or was it that it was inevitable, he still remains big enough to win 2012 and that is why he has stopped running the country.

The Magnificent Machines


One can never imagine a world without cars. The automobile has become the very fabric of our lives. In 1881 when the iconic Gustav Trouve demonstrated a three wheeled automobile in Paris, the world changed forever.  The automobile is not just one of the greatest innovations of mankind, it not just about transporting people from one place to another, but in fact it is the freedom that it offers. The freedom to go anywhere at any time, that is what defines every human. And that is why there are roughly 805 million cars worldwide. That is one car for every 11 person in the world!

The Industrial Revolution

The global economy in many ways is connected to the automobile industry. In 2008, people acquired 70 million cars worldwide. This means the use of energy that drives the cars such as petroleum; in 2008, the world burnt 10 billion gallons of petroleum globally and since 1 gallon of oil costs five dollars – this is what gives the world its single most important economy.

The automobiles industry is spread right across the world. In over 75 countries cars are produced or assembled   catering to a global demand of over 50 million automobiles.  In growing economies like China and India, automobile sales out strips just about everything else in terms of manufacturing.  As technology has improved over the years so has design and manufacturing of cars. There are cars that come with its own microchip and artificial intelligence.

But for a majority of people, it is the pride of owning your own car which cannot be matched with anything else.

Magnificent cars

Magnificent cars

The Need for Design and Speed

It is the artistic element in design which easily captures the imagination of people. Elegance and classic design of a Bentley or Rolls Royce car is to move people and turn heads. People look in awe at beautiful car designs more than any other.

The of course there is speed, driving a sports car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is surely a global aspiration and desire. The thrill of driving at very high speeds has created a parallel industry in motor sports like Indy 500 and Formula 1.

In a survey done in 2009 by Lifestyle magazine Vanity Fair, 87% of the people voted for driving a Ferrari to having sex.

The Inconvenient Truth

There is also a negative side to automobiles. An argument which even though one sided requires attention.

–          80% of all global fatalities are related to automobile accidents. In fact it is also a huge cost in terms of medical and legal is estimated at over 200 billion dollars in the US

–          The energy demand for petroleum has ensured a global supply of one of our planets most precious natural resources. At an estimated 250 billion gallons a year, the impact on our environment has been brutal

There are of course higher safety regulations being strictly followed all over the world, but automobiles still remain a global killer

The protection of our environment has prompted a new industry in the last 5 years for using alternative fuels such as Hydrogen and other hybrid forms of petroleum. However it is still a drop in the ocean.

The Losing Religion


Burning Crosses – Burning The Koran (see the flames never ending)

Religion is a metaphor by which we measure our pain. An albatross of misplaced faith, self-righteous cruelty, guilt by conscious, impossible to defend (for and against), a weapon of mass destruction, controlled by a few, suppressing thought, brainwashed beliefs, ideology against wisdom, dividing and always ruling, never finding the truth, but in the end always asking for more

A fundamental question that has always been asked is what would happen without religion? It is the fabric of our very lives, the social network that brings us together, the only way for us to wash away our sins. Isn’t it funny how we let our life be taken over by something we don’t really understand. That is the beauty of “confession”. All you need to do is ask for forgiveness. As God is always watching over you, forgiving you for what you have done. And what have we done in the name of religion; what do we have to show for, to be so proud of belonging to one religion. After a thousand years of anger, war, hatred and killing – people still believe they are heading for paradise as long as they follow the doctrine. One thing is for certain religion helps us to hide our indulgence and passion for destroying everything.

Sowing the Seed of Hate

In Rwanda, in Sarajevo, in Auschwitz, in Grozny, and in Lower Manhattan on September eleventh, the world awakes to a fanatical beliefs and justifications. The irrational and violent conclusion in brain filled with only with hatred. It is again that ridiculous search for paradise that makes living so complicated and difficult. Let’s face it God is Not Great and religion poisons everything. How can he standby and watch how we treat each other. Is this what the three monotheism’s – Christianity, Islam and Judaism has taught us. That is the real axis of evil. You can never ever run away from it, everywhere where you go, the word has spread like toxin in the air. You cannot escape from it, you cannot confront it and you can only voice it. And help in planting the demon seed when you have your own children.

Religion Rules
That is where it all starts, when humans are defenseless, it is the perfect crime. When a child is taught religion, he follows it as he asked, that is how the control starts. It is not the conscious that tells you what to do, but it is guilt that lingers on from childhood to the rest of your life. How is it possible that so very few courageous and “gifted” people know so much about the rest of us. How is it that an imam or the pope sets the agenda for us? There is no freedom in any country – it is tyranny of the most powerful resolve! Because it captures “thought”

We look at suicide bombings and the abuse of children only as news. We look away when women are tortured and beaten, when free speech is choked, when a man kills his family and others because he thinks God is waiting on the other side. Where was the Vatican church, when Catholic priests sodomized young defenseless children? The church was only trying to figure out how to pay the families off.

More Human Than Human

There is no scientific evidence that God or any religion ever existed. This is undisputed. But it is again the fragility of the human mind that stops us from being free. True Freedom will never happen because human beings are shallow, we need to follow something, something others are following. Human beings do not like to stand alone against the world, they would much rather do what everyone else does. Just following a leader.

If God existed he would never forgive us. Forgive us for what we have done to one another. I believe it is the evil that men do which corrupts the true meaning of God. The people belonging to the New Atheism movement have a long way to change the world. Perhaps it will never happen. What we need is a new beginning, a beginning where all that we believe is in humanity and respect. Where secularism is more important than Mecca or the Vatican. Where we take true responsibility of our actions, our deeds and allow the child his own thought process. What we need is religion to end and love to begin. This is not the Utopian world which John Lennon dreamed of – but perhaps the one we don’t still deserve.



E Business – The Gold Rush of the Modern Age


E Business – The Gold Rush of the Modern Age

The word E-Business which was started from a board room meeting at a blue chip, has in fact become the buzz word on how we do things online. In simple terms E-Business is any transaction of information or communication in support of a business done over the Internet .
It has taken a much broader meaning over the last decade as companies and individuals have evolved on the merging of technology and commercial activity. From large scale business operations to buying music or books online, E-Business is very much defining our lives.

The Initiation

In the mid-90s, the American Information Technology giant IBM was going through a difficult period and slowly becoming a dinosaur – out of touch and out of focus. A newly appointed CEO Louis V Gerstner was put in charge to conjure up the troops to reclaim old glory. And in one of his first meetings he called heads of all departments where they were presented with a new direction and business models. In that very meeting in 1996, the word E-Business was presented as the area of focus for IBM. And the rest as they say is billion dollar history. In fact Gerstner has mentioned this legendary story in his autobiography Who says Elephants Can’t Dance

The Evolution

E-Business is not just about commerce like online shopping, but in fact it allows companies to use their existing data processes to provide value to various customers and suppliers alike. It is evolving all the time. New streams such Business to Business or Business to Customer application process has gone through its cycles.
This data creates knowledge patterns which can be used by companies to service companies better. E-Business provides a platform of knowledge management for service providers meeting the demands of their customers. It is this spanning of an entire value chain various services done over the Internet or the world wide web . In the last 10 years, speed of accessing data over the Internet has risen nearly 450% thus allowing huge amounts of data to be readily available on demand.

A typical example of E-Business would be :

– When an Airline can buy engineering parts through its supply-chain vendor management from anywhere in the world
– Trading equity and derivatives online
– Storing of archival data such as previous online shopping habits of an individual customer

The size and volume of the E-Business transaction sets the stage of the various business processes that supports it.

The Future

According to a Dataquest report in Sept 2010, the last 5 years of E-Business transactions constitute over 60 billion USD.

Year E-Business Transactions (USD-Billion)
1998 7
2001 12.5
2004 26
2007 44
2010 60
Source: Dataquest Report Sept 2010

The real concern coming out of these transactions is of course issues such as:-
– Confidentiality of Data
– Various Data Protection Laws in a Country
– Integrity of Data
– Storage and administration of Data
– Accessibility of Data

There are billions of dollars being spent by various industry sections to counter the challenges for the meteoric rise of E-Business. There is no doubt with the success of E-Business, it has created a whole new industry and millions of jobs online.

Jewelry And Fine Clothing


“Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend”  Marilyn Monroe was right when she famously sang the iconic tune. There is nothing like a little bling! that can add wonders to your luxury lifestyle dreams. Jewelry and fine clothing in its entire splendor has been fascinating and inspiring people since the 13th century. From the most expensive uncut and flawless blue diamond found in Africa to the latest trends in Milan and New York, we all would love to have the best of everything.

The real catch however is to get them at the best possible price which you can afford and at the same time relish the feeling of owning a piece of lifestyle. We have to juggle classy looks and fashion trends with affordable pricing. So for all those people who are passionate or even addicted to clothing and jewelry, then we have the perfect guide to what’s hot and what’s not on the management of lifestyles!

The Fashion Designer Imprints on Lifestyle

Clothes and jewelry are easily one of the most important elements that define a person’s lifestyle. As they rightly say, the clothes make the man! Fashion designers from the early 18th century have been able to conjure the imagination and public conscious. Some of the world’s most popular and successful designers have become icons for not just their clothing lines but for the luxurious lifestyle that they represent. Chic and modern, yet wild and sexy; the designs have become a symbol of the designers attitude to life. The clothing empire and the luxurious lifestyle items like watches, fragrance and jewelry have captured the imagination of the brand conscious consumer.

Explore the Fantasy World Lifestyles and Fashion Lines
Jewelry Trends

Lifestyle Management has become one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Taking care of just about every need one can imagine; from having front row seats at the Haute Couture Week in Paris or Milan, shopping at the Rodeo-Drive in Beverly Hills or Magnificent Mile in Chicago – everything is possible. Over the years somehow fashion and lifestyle has become synonymous with each other. The right fashion statement gives you the sophisticated elegance and style. Luxurious lifestyle is not about how much money you spend, but it is how you spend it, how you are able to embrace an artistic vision in your life. Lifestyle is not about showing off to others, it is not about being loud; in fact lifestyle reflects your higher aspirations, your values and indeed your fantasies. You don’t need to show anyone that your jacked is a Cavalli, you just put it on and they will know!

Interestingly enough sometimes the products which sell the fastest from a fashion and lifestyle store is mostly the most expensive item in the store. As legendary fashion icon Giorgio Armani once said “The difference between fashion and lifestyle is quality”. Yes indeed! Ladies and gentleman it is the quality of the product which sets everything apart.

In 2010, the fashion and lifestyle world has survived and recovered from the recession of the previous year by focusing on the quality of the product and its affordability. Some experts also say that it is in time of recession and down turn when certain luxurious lifestyle items can be afforded.

Did you know: The Dussault Apparel’s trashed jeans costs $250,000 dollars for a single pair, making it the most expensive jeans in the world.

Romancing a Stone – The World of Jewelry

It’s not just the women, men love bling too! Check out any rap video and you know what one is talking about! They say jewelry is the ultimate aphrodisiac. From royalty, movie stars and the common people – pieces of jewelry is not just about lifestyle management but a celebration. Fashion accessories like bags and even sunglasses come encrusted with diamonds, jewels and crystals. Jewelry is expensive but buying the right kind of jewelry is always an asset.

Wedding rings, necklaces and ear rings have transformed over the last two or three decades. Jewelry designers have become more urban chic, intriguing avante garde in design and yet therefore represent a certain lifestyle luxury.
But of course you can also find more elegant and traditional artistic vision any many of the giant jewelry design houses in American or Europe.

Did you Know: The jewelry giant Chopard was started in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard and created the world’s most expensive diamond ring – The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring is valued at $16.2 million dollars!

Porno graffitii – The Art of Seduction, Manipulation and Lust


There is not a single person in this world who has not dabbled in porn
videos. Some more than others, but the truth is that porn videos does
have an impact on our mind and our emotion. There is a sense of
liberation with some amount of distaste. A sort of taboo, forbidden
love or a chemical rush where lust takes over the brain. From ancient
Roman Empire i.e. from Caligula to Hugh Heffner, from the Kama Sutra
to Larry Flint – sexual imagery or sex videos will always have a
response. The possibilities of seduction, a sense of a parallel world
where fantasy is real and sexuality can be expressed with no

In almost all European countries pornography is legal. It is
considered as an art form, an expression, freedom of thought and
speech – but for some it is the simple chemical reaction in the brain
that unravels our deepest and darkest desire. It is not reality, it
is not pure, it is not wholesome, it is not an education into sex but
in fact it is a culmination of a subversive mind into discovering ones

The Chemical Between Us

The physical art of love or sex as we know it as, is a very important
aspect of everyone’s life. Pornographic images of a man and woman
without any inhibitions or innuendos go at it in the most unemotional
way – it surely gives thrill to some people watching. Many people
consider watching sex videos a way to learn new sex sexual positions and to
try them out with the partner. It is true that many people watch porn
videos to stimulate sexual emotion at an exciting new pace and free of
any emotional baggage.

In any marriage after being together for many years, it is not easy to
find this sexual stimulation which was there in the beginning. For any
human being change is inevitable. It is the DNA of every person to
want change, sometimes just to break the routine. Therefore, many
researchers believe that porn videos gives couples to invent their
sexual bond and their desires. It is after all a chemical reaction to
the brain when one masturbates watching a sex video. You imagine
yourself being there and that thought in the brain gives rise to
endorphins which heightens the sexual desire.

Trust and Comfort Level

The best way is for a couple to talk about it. To be comfortable with
each other’s desire and to share everything. That is what makes a real
bond. If either the man or the woman enjoys watching porn then there
is no harm if it is shared. If it is understood, in fact it can lead
to some really amazing moments. One can only imagine the excitement
and sexual desire when there is trust and emotional stability. Let’s
face it sexuality is personal and attached to emotion. Otherwise there
is no difference between porn videos and reality.

My Responsibility Your Responsibility – Let’s Save Our Environment


Ways of Preventing Further Damage to the Environment

The environment has become one of the most important issues of this century. It has dominated the headlines for the last decade across the globe. But has the world done enough to protect the environment – the answer sadly is an inexcusable no. As the countries continue to develop, the amount of green house gases they release has increased by 30% since 2000 (according to a study published by United Nations in 2008). The failure of last years Copenhagen Summit is proof of the  irresponsibility and lack of attention given to the problem by the World’s Top 20 economic powers.

Cleaner Energy – The Way Forward

A cleaner energy policy that limits the emission of Carbon Di-Oxide into the environment is critical. The existing policies are not good enough to counter the daily damage being done across the world. According to the former US Vice President Al Gore who has championed the cause of environmental issues all his life there are three critical steps for preventing long term damage to the environment

1.    Responsibility and Accountability enforced on big oil companies such as Exxon, BP and China Oil to limit their off shore drilling and remain within a permissible threshold of CO2 emission.

2.    Automakers to manufacture hybrid vehicles running on alternative energy sources.

3.    Cleaner energy for household and industry. Ensuring each country sign a binding agreement to bring down the yearly CO2 emission.

The use of alternative energy such as solar and wind energy for communities is also a very important aspect of ensuring the use of energy for our daily needs without having an adverse impact on the environment. In 2010 it was revealed that bio technology can also be used as a new form of energy that has no impact on the environment.

The experts agree that it is the overwhelming dependance and demand of energy such as fuel which is the primary reason for the damages on the environment. The United States is the highest consumer of petrol in the world and the ongoing environment catastrophe – the Gulf Oil spill is a stark reminder of how government oversight and a stringent regulation is needed to counter issues like this.

How to Set-Up a Wholesale Clothing Business


The global economy is slowly moving into the path of recovery. Planning to set-up a wholesale clothing business requires a proper strategy, business plan and of course an investment of time and money.

In layman terms a wholesale company does not sell its merchandise to consumers or the end users but to retailer and sellers. It is a question of supply and demand and ensuring the wholesale distribution network is completely in sync. As a company you will be procuring your merchandise from manufacturers and other distributors. Many business models also operate where the wholesale company is also a manufacturer and therefore you have complete control over the distribution chain. There are several business models which can be followed to meet the financial objectives.  Lastly, there is also a huge involvement of technology in terms of software applications that can help in the logistics and the wholesale distribution

Starting Up

The company has to decide on what will be the scale of the operation. At what part will it control in the entire distribution process from the manufacturer to the final customer. It is also important to consider whether the clothing distribution will be only high-end fashion lines, generic clothing or completely niche products. This decision does affect the wholesale clothing distribution.

There are possible more options of resourcing a general clothing or mass market clothing. In the current economic environment you might be looking at clothing from places where the cost of manufacturing is less and your profit margins are therefore higher. You can also look at niche suppliers who do not have access to large markets and this is where a wholesale clothing company can add value. Ensuring a stable resource that can steadily supply the desired merchandise is obviously a huge advantage – therefore having a pool of suppliers ensures that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket. And obviously it helps in negotiating the price

Establishing the Distribution

The wholesale company has to establish a good relationship with retailers of various business capacities. It is the small and mid size businesses that run the economy of country and clothing business is no different. In this area you have to spread out as much as you can. And considering the current economy, it is a better idea to look at lower margins and have a wider connection in terms of buyers.

This entire distribution chain requires a robust technological support that ensures the supply and demand is always maintained. There are several supply chain management applications, depending upon the scale of the business that can be used for this purpose. Then of course there is also the logistics, how will the merchandise reach its destination. For most wholesale companies, this is an area which is a huge cost to the company. The mode of transportation is substantial cost due to buying and maintaining trucks or vans, cost of fuel and of course staffing costs. Therefore logistic management and with the support technology, this cost can be managed in an effective way.

In many cases, the clothing manufacturers may be found in third world countries or maybe in regional areas. But despite the advantages of cost, the quality of the merchandise needs to be checked before distribution. This is especially true if you are dealing with niche products or hi-end fashion. The clothing industry loses billion of dollars due to forgery and imitations. There are ways to secure the quality of the merchandise and they must be strictly followed. If the wholesale company is importing the merchandise internationally then all the required trade licenses and legal permissions   have to be completed much before shipment delivery. There are many examples where entire shipments have been stuck which is not only adds cost but the company loses face in front of the retailers.

Understanding Markets

In the current marketplace of recession recovery, where people are saving money and not spending of expensive items, the wholesale company is also affected. Therefore one of primary set up objectives is to understand the current trends in the marketplace. There is no point of having an entire distribution network when you are supplying merchandise which no one needs. Communicating with your customers regularly and building a relationship very early on, is a key to understanding demand. Even the manufacturers will understand what the requirement is and meet them rather than push for merchandise which is harder to sell.

Finally, the one very important task when you are setting up a wholesale company is to hire the right people. You need highly motivated and experienced people who can manage the tough competitive environment which one faces in current economic conditions. It is the people that makes the business. And hiring someone from within the industry even if the cost is high, is worth it, especially for a start-up

From Tuscany to the World – How Roberto Cavalli Continues To Rule Fashion



The fashion industry is going through a major change due to the global economic situation. There are many designers who have reshaped their creativity and imagination to fit the financial requirements. Fashion Designers like Roberto Cavalli is one such designer. Not only has he transformed the fashion industry in the last two decades but he has managed to become an iconic global fashion brand. But apart from his creativity, it his business prowess and financial  strategies that have ensured the durability and sustainability during bull or bear markets.

Roberto Cavalli was born in the beautiful city of Florence in Italy. The legendary history of Florence dates back to the Roman empire and was also part of the Renaissance movement. Roberto Cavalli was always infatuated with art at a very early age. His family was involved in textile printing which is an influence that can be observed in his signature fashion lines. Roberto Cavalli was already printing fabric when he was in school and it is at this stage where is creative imagination had no limits. A mantra which now defines the House of Cavalli. The fashion world knows Roberto Cavalli’s extravagant and glamorous prints. His penchant for flamboyance was recently felt in the new line of animal prints. Roberto Cavalli has also released lingerie that has caused quite a stir as it had pictures of Hindu Gods that was later withdrawn.

Global Expansion – The Vision of Roberto Cavalli

roberto-cavalli-fashion line02

At the age of 30, Roberto Cavalli has already completed his very first Cavalli Collection in Italy. It was then given European status by being officially invited for the Prêt-à-Porter in Paris. But it was wild prints on denim which gave Roberto Cavalli his first big success. No one had seen such original creativity on denim before. The details in the design, the us of leathers, brocade and wild prints become a massive success. This allowed him to open his first Roberto Cavalli boutique in Saint-Tropez in the year 1972.  The seed for the fashion empire had been sowed.

Cavalli was very clear on the creative and the financial side of business. Roberto attracted angel investors for his global ambitious plans. Roberto Cavalli’s fashion boutiques are spread all over the world with a special focus in America. He ensured that

•    Each store would have the signature Roberto Cavalli look
•    The distribution of material and instruments were always done locally, thus cutting down on costs
•    Market the brand through high-end clientele such as Hollywood stars and Rock stars. He used to give away his latest designer outfits to actresses who chose to wear them in gala premieres and award shows. A practice being followed by others even till this day
•    Present new designs every year, but the central theme was always based on the wild prints

roberto-cavalli-fashion line_01

Roberto Cavalli also married his long time business partner Eva Duringer who took over the operations and financial side of the business. Roberto Cavalli’s fashion lines to be made available on high street fashion stores like H&M, Zara, Harrods and Sakhs 5th Avenue. While other designers were looking to be exclusive, Roberto Cavalli realized the marketing potential of having more retail space that had high footfalls. He kept the fashion line  in these stores frequently updated and that would allow people to eventually gain more curiosity and give him the perfect marketing tool. Plus these stores would pay him not only for the clothes they sold but an astronomical fee.

In 1994, Roberto Cavalli created the sand blasted jeans which was the first time the jeans had the very funky cool shade.  He expanded the business from clothes to accessories, lingerie, perfume, eyewear and even watches. And now there is even Roberto Cavalli Vodka, his range of sunglasses and of course his exclusive cafe
stores. From a fashion line to a global luxury brand valued at over $3 billion, Roberto Cavalli is one of fashionsh legendary icon.

The Roberto Cavalli 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

roberto-cavalli-fashion line

Roberto Cavalli is a luxurious, opulent and a decadent fashion label; the 2010 collection is an extension of that spirit and signature style. But Roberto has managed to use his style for a younger fashion market. The show opened in Milan and is set to go across the world. Even the campaign for the new line is being called fun, glamorous and easy to wear.  He is also back using animal prints which is one of his signature styles.

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